Top Account Skills You Need To Know

Top Account Skills

Dear Accountant,

This Roadmap shows an accountant how to earn at least 1.2m naira in 6months.

The skills discussed here are low-level
skills that any accountant can pick up within a few days, then take a month or two, to sharpen
them up and sell to business. One thing you should know is that: Accounting software can change your life.

There is hardly an accounting job opportunity that doesn’t require you to be able to use one accounting software In fact, if you know how to use one, you stand better chance of getting a job.

In 2021, I used this exact Roadmap and skill which I will reveal to you in this FREE program to earn 1.2 million from one client in 6months.

In this article, I have map out the estimated fees you can charged your clients for each job to achieve this.

I also revealed the two simple skill you need to be able to use to achieve this feat.

The first skill is leveraging Accounting Software like Sage & QuickBooks.

Yes, I will show you how you can start making money with Sage and QuickBooks by installing them for businesses.

I will show you:

∆ What the software looks like
∆ Their difference
∆ How you can get them
∆ How much to charge
∆ etc

These things are things I have done over and over again for 4 good years without a fancy office or too much certification.

I started doing this as an entry level accountant.

I started after I left a job paying me 30k per month

I started in the middle of Covid 19 when all hope were lost.

I started as I am.

I wasn’t ICAN certified

I didn’t wait to be 10 years in the accounting profession before I could take action

No I didn’t.

I was just hungry for knowledge

I learnt the two skill which I will reveal to you in this: THE ACCOUNTANT ROADMAP TO 1.2 MILLION IN 6 MONTHS PROGRAM.

Then as I started implementing and acting on what I have learnt, I moved from earning 30k to 80k, then to 100k and now I do above 300k to 500k

I bet you not so many accountant earns that much. Being able to make 1.2 million from just one customer was a great milestone. So, I sat down and documented everything I did to seal that deal.

I documented the service I sold to them
I documented the software I sold to them
I documented my proposal to them
I documented how much and how I billed them
I documented how long it took me to deliver which was just 1week and 4 days. I documented everything

And then I repeated everything I did with another client and boom: it worked. In this ROADMAP TO 1.2 MILLION IN 6 MONTHS PROGRAM,

I’ll show you for free: STEPS that will HELP you make at least N150k EVERY WEEK, even if you’re as lazy as a toad and as slow as a snail.

These Simple, Tested and Proven steps are GUARANTEED to INCREASE your income by over 200% in 90days or less.

So, if you an Accountant and you are still making less than N650k/month in 2023. You need to get this necessary accounting skills and experience the change your life desire.

The knowledge I’m about to reveal to you would cost you nothing less than N500,000 but I understand that the economy is crazy and things are hard at the moment, so I won’t charge you that amount.

Yes, I know N50k is super cheap and affordable for the level of information I’m about to reveal to you.

I’m convinced you will gladly pay it without a second thought, but I still will not charge you that amount.

To show that I’m here to help you and not just after your money, I’ll giveaway this life changing information to you for FREE!!